Summary Of Pat Cadigan's 'Pretty Boy Crossover'

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The term cyberpunk focuses on high tech and low life referring to the science of cybernetics that explore the manner by which complex technological and biological processing systems govern and process information among themselves. Cyberpunk dystopias make it a visible truth about the temporality of science fiction. First, as most people may think science fiction predicts the future, rather its function is to defamiliarize and restructure our experience of our own present that may shape our near future. Science fiction demonstrates and dramatizes our capacity to imagine the future – the utopian imagination, the imagination of otherness and radical difference – these suggest us to view our world differently – to fantasize of a better tomorrow…show more content…
The story set in the same ethos of corporate and media intensity focusing on choice and the future as unexpectedly open. In the story, the Pretty boy charmed by the club culture as a star at the age of sixteen battles his adolescence as he inevitably ages and starts to lose what he benefits by his good looks hence anxious about the future. On the other hand, his best friend Bobby has gone beyond the limitations of morality by submitting himself from a less efficient form (human-being) to a self-aware data (S-A-D). The story is set in a club where there is no room for critical thoughts, no place to escape from the “noise”. What counts is the screen. The crowd fascinated by the guy dancing on the screen. The screen becomes the real entertainment. A virtual reality: “First you see video. Then you wear video. Then you eat video. Then you be video.” (Evans, Cadigan 588) The whole setting is designed to distract people from reality, to make them believe that what they see on the screen is worth being glorified. This story represents the virtual technology, its cultural forms and the role of

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