How Is Victor Frankenstein Morally Evil

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After countless hours of studying and hard work, Victor Frankenstein finally completes his creation: a fully functional living being. In the years following his “birth,” the monster killed many people and terrorised his creator, making him a terrifying being that was dramatized by hollywood and used as a common idea around halloween, but upon looking at life from his perspective, one can see that he may not be so evil after all. Even though the monster commits murder along with other seemingly evil acts, he also carries out acts of kindness. Though his acts of kindness may not outweigh his acts of terror, the reader also needs to consider that the monster had no introduction to the world, and he is simply placed in society in a hideous body with no idea how to act, what to do, or how to communicate. Some months after the monster is completed, Victor is called back home because his younger brother, William, has been murdered. When he returns home, he sees the monster he has created and the reader soon learns that it is he that committed the murder, not Justine, who faces the…show more content…
Even though he commits murder, one needs to consider the circumstances he is in. The monster is brought into the world by Victor, who then abandons him. He does not know right from wrong, and he must be more scared than one could possibly imagine. His first murder is William, and while the reader is not given the context of the murder, it can be inferred that William is horrified by the sight of the monster, and that the monster overreacts to his fear and acts in the only way he knows how, and that is to kill him. He could not talk to calm him down, and he cannot run away for fear that William will tell people and he will be killed by the

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