Foreshadowing Examples In Hamlet

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In Shakespeare’s novel Hamlet, one of the most dynamic events occurring thus far in the play is the appearance of a ghost stating to be the late King Hamlet, whose brother Claudius currently holds the throne. Late one night along with Horatio, his close friend, Prince Hamlet is visited by a ghost, who speaks to him, declaring that he is indeed the spirit of his father, and was murdered by his brother, King Claudius himself. Hamlet’s encounter with the ghost is facilitated explicitly to encourage King Hamlet’s plot for revenge against Claudius, and most importantly to avenge his own death by way of his son. This selection in the text details the rising action/foreshadow of the novel’s climax. Through analysis of this quote, the reader can more clearly connect the dots to Hamlet’s suspicion of Claudius, and how he truly gained his way to the crown. It’s pronouncement of death by way of Claudius fuels a fire under Hamlet not only in regards to the murder of a king, which was heavy cause for alarm in itself, but also the murder of his own father. The way in which…show more content…
Shakespeare indeed sympathetically favors King Hamlet more so than Claudius, in the same way the Bible shares sympathy for Abel. Hamlet has a higher inclination to believe the ghost’s message due to his previous suspicions of Claudius, which the ghost confirms to be accurate. Hamlet sees no better way to honor his father except through the murder of Claudius. Feeling compelled by his late father's request and by traditional honor of revenge, Hamlet becomes prisoner to this obligation. The popular scripture verse Matthew 5: 38-48 cliché’s the phrase “Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth” to which in the context of Hamlet, relates to Hamlet’s sense of need to uphold his father’s reputation and

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