Macbeth Appearance Vs Reality Analysis

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‘Macbeth’, a tragedy written by William Shakespeare, effectively explores the theme of appearance versus reality, through the scene of ‘Macbeth killing Duncan’. This makes a return of reality back to Macbeth and Lady Macbeth by these horrific flashbacks and hallucinations. In Act 2 Scene 2, Lady Macbeth manipulates Macbeth to kill King Duncan who rules Scotland. Lady Macbeth makes it appear that Macbeth seems like what no man should act as. He seemed to be confronted by Lady Macbeth, who aspired to be queen, which made her self-involved, in attempt to be treated as a higher leader. Lady Macbeth had wanted Macbeth to murder King Duncan as he reminded her too much of her father. Instead of herself killing the King, Lady Macbeth ordered Macbeth…show more content…
Lady Macbeth led the way, intoxicating guards with alcohol. This shows how gullible the guards were as they had been led to being passed out. Overall, Lady Macbeth was an accessory of murder alongside Macbeth, who physically committed the crimes. Macbeth had found a way into King Duncan’s room. Shakespeare chose not to show the actual killing of Duncan as Shakespeare wanted to ensure the horror of the act of lies more in its moral significance that in the sight of blood. Macbeth eventually escapes as a result of feeling guilty and afraid. He did not want to deal with the daggers as he was left in fear, the blood on the daggers that Lady Macbeth washes away and that Macbeth cannot cope with is the blood that Lady Macbeth thinks is on her hands later in the play. Lady Macbeth had covered the guard’s hands and faces with Duncan’s blood and with the dagger, which was placed on their pillows, unwiped. Next morning Macduff comes in with bad news to tell Macbeth and Lennox saying, “oh, horror, horror, horror!” explained that a murderer had broken into “God’s temple” and stolen the life out of it. Lady Macbeth hears a bell and is wondering what all that nonsense is outside. Macduff had struggled to tell Lady Macbeth the news that Duncan had

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