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The definition of being insane is trying to do the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. In this play Hamlet is acting as if he has a mental problem. Many writers talk about Hamlet’s mental state and argue whether or not he acted insane or if he really was insane the entire time. His insanity is seen through contemplating suicide and seeing the ghost of his father. This argument is what makes the play two different stories. Hamlet’s insanity in his subconscious paves the way for Shakespeare in the play. From the start Hamlet’s insanity drives all of his actions. Shakespeare tried to use the subconscious to prove that Hamlet is crazy from the start. His mental illness is seen through him talking to the ghost of his father as well as him contemplating suicide. Alan L. Ackerman states that, “ In the concept of vision, the figure of the ghost is created in Hamlet’s imagination.” This…show more content…
Marriage of Claudius and Gertrude effected Hamlet’s insanity to the point where Hamlet started to question his own life. Shakespeare wrote, “HAMLET: To be or not to be- that is the question” (3.1.56). This is a quote by Hamlet wondering whether or not he should kill himself or not. His reality of should I be here or should I take my life questions his life and his existence. Joseph C. Allen states, “Is not this a strange time for the young man to pause and mediate on death and suicide? Surely here is a defect of will that borders on insanity.” This author proposes the question of how odd it is to contemplate suicide when he is about to execute his plan to catch Claudius. These thoughts would only come across Hamlet’s mind if his subconscious is so screwed up to where he questioned his own life. In both quotes Hamlet’s insanity is shown evidently. What Hamlet thinks is reality is really just a dream in his mind, and this causes him to act in very erratic

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