Medical Case Study: N. F. Vs. Stagnation

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N.F. is a 55 year old male, admitted to the hospital with 3 stage 4 pressure ulcers due to his diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. N.F. has a brother who is his support system along with his daughter. He attends Church of Christ where he also has church members by his side. N.F. has had these pressure ulcers for a year now due to his inability to move. Currently he is unemployed due to his disability not allowing him to work. N.F talks a lot about his daughter, and seems to be very proud of her accomplishments. He is very talkative, and funny, he’s very supportive as evidenced by his statement after I finished my physical assessment on him for grading “you did very good, I bet you made a 100!” During the care I provided for N.F. he never once said anything negative about his life or his disability.…show more content…
is in Erikson’s developmental stage of Generativity vs. Stagnation. I would identify him as Generativity. Despite his current health problems, I found that he has a very positive attitude. He always has a joke, or a goofy comment to make while we are in the room. N.F. is very thankful for anything we do for him, such as a bed bath, retrieving him fresh water, and providing the best care we can for him. As I overheard a conversation with the nurse he is very optimistic about his health condition. Although, N.F. is very optimistic about his life and health. I noticed frustration in his eyes when he wasn’t able to complete a task himself. I would identify the nursing diagnosis: Powerlessness related to his inability to perform certain tasks for himself due to his multiple sclerosis. I would emphasize on all the little tasks he can perform, give him confidence in himself for trying his best. I would give him confidence in my care so he knows I’ll be there to help with any task he can’t complete. I would encourage his family members to continue visiting him, and to encourage

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