How Is Daisy A Dynamic Character In The Great Gatsby

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In my opinion, Daisy is the most chromatically different character from scene to scene. We see her in many different attitudes, forms, and perspectives. She is seen from different people as different colors and hues, leading me to believe that she is one of the most dynamic characters of the story. The first color that we see describe Daisy is white. This represents the purity we assume her to maintain. To Nick, Daisy holds this purity throughout the majority of the story. The color meaning of white is innocence, purity, wholeness, and completion. Daisy is the perfect example of these qualities. From the beginning of the story, we know nothing of her past, other than that she is beloved and missed by those in her hometown. She has the perfect life, or so it seems. She doesn’t have to work. She is married to a rich man. She even has a kid. Her whole life seems full of other's dreams, but she just doesn’t seem content with it, or even remotely happy. The only item of her life that isn’t pure in the beginning is her husband’s affair with Myrtle, which she can’t even be sure about.…show more content…
She is suddenly represented by the green light at the end of her dock, rather than a person who enjoys lighter clothing. Green is the color of growth, renewal, and rebirth. With growth, we see Gatsby grow closer and closer to meeting Daisy, until they finally meet and begin the renewal phase. They had met before, so feelings rush back into the two, causing their love to be rekindled and an affair to begin almost instantly. Daisy is now seen as a new life for Gatsby, one where he may finally be satisfied outside of his material possessions. This is the rebirth stage, where Gatsby fires many servants and seldom throws parties. He starts a new life with Daisy by his side, however cannot do anything public until Daisy cuts off her ties with

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