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Melanie Miles Miles, 1 Mrs. Mounts GT English February 17, 2015 Carcharocles megalodon Megalodon, the terrifying species of monster shark, varying from 60 to 70 feet. It might very well be the largest marine predator ever. The question that haunts everyone’s mind though is, is this monster species really extinct? If this species still exists, then the ocean will no longer be the cheery, happy vacationing spot it is. Instead, the ocean will be a place of terror, a graveyard, a place that guarantees death. We should all be glad that scientists have established that Megalodons are extinct. “After all, no one has ever laid hands on one, living or dead.” (Emmer, 14)Scientists never definitely state…show more content…
This opinion is not verified by scientists, but it presents some rather convincing arguments. It is mainly supported by eccentrics, who state that only 95% of our oceans have been explored, but other people do present very convincing opinions. This essay will cover both views, and present you with evidence for both opinions. One saying it is extinct, another saying that Megalodons are still out there, terrorizing lone fishermen. Luckily, even if Megalodon is extinct, it still makes a fascinating topic for fictional…show more content…
Some of the most plausible theories include the ocean cooling, and too much competition for food. The theory that seems most likely is the cooling of the ocean. “While some claim that scientists have seen no evidence of megalodon because they live in deep water, Pimiento’s research shows that these sharks in fact lived in shallow coastal seas.” ( Megalodon was known to be a shark who resided along the beach. Due to that, it was used to warm coastal waters. The Isthmus of Panama started forming about the time megalodons went extinct, and it ended up separating the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. This caused the oceans to cool. As the oceans began to cool, this theory states that the sharks likely started dying off, because they were not used to the cold ocean waters that we now know. The sharks couldn’t survive in the cooler waters, so they died. Another theory that seems likely is that megalodons lost their food source. Megalodons were known to be solitary hunters, which is a potential weakness, considering the many species that hunt in large groups. Orca’s are known to be social creatures, and them hunting in large groups may have made it harder for megalodons to get

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