Honor In Chronicle Of A Death Foretold

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In his novella, The Chronicle of a Death Foretold, Gabriel Garcia Marquez portrays the story of a man, Santiago Nasar, who falls victim to a crime compelled by honor. In the town where the murder occurs, honor is held in a very high regard. In a way, it is their value of status in society; if someone is a person of honor, they are in good standing with the community. If something were to happen that threatens one’s integrity, action would be taken in an attempt at redemption. Honor, in this novella, is what pushes Angela Vicario to place the blame on Santiago Nasar as well as what drives Pedro and Pablo Vicario to kill Santiago. The concepts of honor and reputation impel Angela Vicario to hold Santiago Nasar accountable for her own wrongdoing.…show more content…
The Vicario brothers’ murder of Santiago is not done to rectify an individual wrong they commit, but rather, one their sister, Angela, commits. They say they kill Santiago because it “[is] a matter of honor” (49). Pablo and Pedro Vicario, although not quite willing to do so, act in order to even out the imbalance to their honor caused by their sister’s misstep. With honor being a vital aspect of social status, they need to carry out the crime so their family can maintain their upright status in the town. There are many pressures present on the brothers to defend their family’s and sister’s character. Prudencia Cotes, Pablo’s fiancée, even claims that she “never would have married him if he hadn’t upheld his sister’s honor” (62). Despite the fact that they are not the suspects who bring dishonor to their family initially, if they do not take action to attempt to set things right, they, too, would be bringing dishonor upon themselves. In this way, Pablo and Pedro also hold some responsibility for Angela’s faults. Since they are family, they must act in order to rid themselves of the shame caused by any one member’s misconduct in order to retain their desired honor as a family
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