Adelina's Song Lyrics, Don T Get Too Close, Imagine Dragons

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The song lyrics, "Don't get too close, It's dark inside, It's where my demons hide" (Imagine Dragons) best relates to the character Adelina. Adelina has to power to create illusions. Her illusions make people see things that are not there. Adelina can even make people feel pain that is not actually there. When Adelina was a part of the young elites, she discovered that her power runs on fear and hatred. Adelina fears that she is loosing control over her powers, and becoming the evil that everyone fears she is. it is almost as if demons are inside of her. "I look at it, indulging in the darkness around me, feeding me, strengthening me, and I realize that I am happy I killed him" (Lu 223). Adelina was placid after she started killing more. It didn’t bother her anymore. Adelina the once potent elite is now becoming darker. She is starting to let all the demons and the darkness inside of her take hold. This song represents Adelina because she is afraid to get close with people, because of the darkness…show more content…
Magiano is as sneaky as a fox (Simile). His main hobby is stealing jewels and expensive things that do not belong to him. It is a game to him, seeing how much he can take. It is almost as if he is one step ahead. “This is one of his games. His famous tricks. Maybe even just a challenge for himself” (Lu 66). This is when Adelina is trying do decide weather to take an offer Magiano has offered her. The deal was that he would join them, if Adelina could steal a jewel before he could. Adelina doesn’t know weather to trust him because Magiano is known for his guile personality. Magiano can steal jewels as sly as a snake (Simile). The song lyrics relate to Magiano because he is always one step ahead. He has the perfect pretext to steal. Magiano is arrogant enough to even take a stroll around the

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