How Does Winston Conform

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In Winston’s society it was common for people to conform. Why did it take Winston so long to conform into the society and in what ways did he conform? George Orwell supported this question all throughout 1984. He showed his support with imagery, flashbacks, and irony. Orwell’s use of words makes one feel as if they are in the story too. Winston said he had peaceful dreams about Room 101. Orwell writes, “ 2 gin scented tears trickled down the sides of his nose. But it was all right, every thing was all right.” Orwell gives you quote that allows one to depict the scene in ones mind. One realizes how much the party has changed Winston throughout the story. The reader is able to distinguish that Winston is not his normal self. No normal person would have a “blissful” dream about a torture chamber. Winston had flashbacks throughout 1984. The flashbacks are used to demonstrate Winston’s want ant need for humanity and a normal life. Winston has many flashbacks to Room 101 where he was tortured with rats, which were Winston’s worst fear. Winston had flashbacks to his mother a lot during the book. He doesn’t really remember her that well, but when he thinks about her he is at peace. He also had a flashback to his father hauling him down the stairs during…show more content…
Winston’s hatred for Big Brother is clearly stated in the first chapter. Winston would form his first real relationship on their common hatred for the party and Big Brother. At the end of book three it says, “ He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother.” Winston was an actual individual when he hated Big Brother, but conformed and become just like everybody else when he said “He love Big Brother.” In room 101, Winston viewed it as “walking in sunlight”. It is ironic because he was in the Ministry of Love, and he was being tortured. In no possible way was he happy to be there, but he was brainwashed into thinking it was a wonderful
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