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If admitted to the University of Florida, there are a number of great things that would be available to me as a student. The opportunities present at UF are extensive, and so there are a great many things that I'd be interested in doing. Specifically, it is my intention to major in mathematics, join the University Math Society, and to forge a new student organization. As a student, mathematics has always been my favorite subject. That is why I've worked extensively as a mathematics tutor, as President and Secretary of the Mathematics Honor Society, and taken part in Moody's Mega Math Challenge in high school. The University of Florida has one of the top mathematics undergraduate programs that there are and so I am interested in completing a bachelor of science in mathematics.. I'm particularly interested in taking part in the various logic courses and proof-based courses available at the university. I want to study these courses because it is these aspects of mathematics which particularly interest me. The Putnam competition…show more content…
I hope to do so because engaging with others that share my love of mathematics is something I'm seldom able to do. There seems to be a serious paucity of those who like math. Even at the high school level, there are so many who express their hatred for mathematics and talking about it. I suppose it's fair enough that it won't be everyone's favorite subject, though it seems to be a subject which receives a disproportionate amount of ire. It is not only the disdain, ire towards math which makes me particularly interested in being around those who share my interest in the subject though. It is the development of a sense of community around something I love so much could only be a positive experience, something from which I could greatly benefit both socially and emotionally. That is the primary reason why I would like to join the UF University Math

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