One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Literary Analysis

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“In a world of cheerios, be a fruit loop”, Lou Imbriano’s daughter once said (Imbriano 1). Even at the tender age of thirteen, she was able to express one of the most important traits in life: individuality, the unique characteristics that differentiate one person from the next. One person might be old fashioned and another may think out of the box. It is important that society is made up of a variety of individuals who have diverse interests and preferences; therefore, government and society should never be given too much power to control individual’s behavior. When the government has too much power, it can overstep and punish people who they deem as insane. Unfortunately, society and the government determine what insanity is, who is insane, and restricts individualism. The government controls what insanity is. The book One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest surrounds its story based on this theme. Nurse Ratched plays the role of government. She is the head nurse. She gets to decide everything that happens on the ward. If she thinks someone is “insane”, she gets to “treat” him or her. Moreover, it is what she considers insane. For example, the mental patients rebel against Nurse Ratched, and they ask her a simple question. The mental patients…show more content…
A case in point, in Syria there has been unrest because the government has lost control and is trying to gain it back. Sometime in 2011, locals protested on the streets after fifteen schoolchildren were reportedly tortured and had been arrested for writing anti-government graffiti on a wall. At first, protests were peaceful; however, the government responded aggressively and opened fire killing four protesters (What’s Happening 1). The Syrian government marked these children as insane and for that reason killed them. Their explanation would sound just like Nurse Ratched’s, I “killed” these children to make it safer and better for society and their own

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