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Privacy is important because it shapes one’s individuality; it is the ability to have power over information about oneself. It is not having to explain or justify one’s choices or what information one shares about their self and what information they hold close. It is being able to do what makes one happy without have to constantly wonder how everything one does many be perceived by others. Privacy also has many other benefits such as: limiting the power of one’s government, giving one the freedom of thought and speech, and securing’s one’s reputation management. This privacy that gives one all these benefits is being threatened in today’s world of vast technological advancement. Several government agencies including, the Federal Bureau of…show more content…
As more agencies start to use drones to collect and archive data the security of the American people and their privacy is in great danger. The use of unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs for mass aerial surveillance is a privacy issue because it gives the government the ability to do widespread pervasive surveillance. In an article published by CATO Institute the author says, “Such tools pose privacy risks more intrusive than police helicopters. With today’s surveillance technology police drones can be much more intrusive and stealthy than helicopters. A warrant requirement for drone surveillance will help guard against drone fleets carrying out persistent and indiscriminate surveillance of entire towns and cities” (Feeny 7). The use of drone surveillance without a warrant is a privacy risk because it allows the government to monitor an individual’s personal life without probable cause, which is a direct violation of a citizen’s fourth amendment right. Mass aerial surveillance would also allow the government to collect personal data on an individual. The more someone knows about someone the more power they have over them. Therefore the government could use this personal information collected through aerial surveillance to affect one’s reputations, influence one’s decision, and shape one’s behavior. This is a server privacy risk and it could be used as a tool for the government to have control over an

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