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Into the kill zone deals with the ethics and the police’s viewpoints of the shootings they have taken part in. This book was a good choice because it deals with the modern controversy in policing. The author David Klinger knows first hand the emotions the come from committing a fatal shooting. The author of the book had a calling to work in south central LA with the intention of being in a high-risk area. 26-year-old Edward Randolph was the man Klinger killed, and was still young being only 23. With this experience Klinger decided to continue his research on the subject by studying at American University for his masters in Sociology. His research included the study of officers who have been in shootings, and also some of their journeys as police officers. The goal of this work was to get all sides that go into shootings, and the training they received to be ready for fatal shootings. Klinger’s main idea that is developed in this book deals understanding exactly what happens when officers uses their right to protect themselves through deadly force. When a police…show more content…
One police department dealt with a situation where a whole city turn against them due to killing a man who tried to open fire on these officers. The interview described the situation “there were hundreds of angry people, and there were bottles and rocks flying in the projects” (87). This officer was particularly young and early in his career, and also a good example of an officer following the protocol. Klinger gave a good example of an officer who gave the gunman a chance to surrender, but also using his weapon when he knew his partners life was in danger. Although polar opposite cases have happened this time the shooting was justified. For this situation the outcome probably ended neatly for the officer, but for some many controversies rise

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