Personal Narrative: The Four Blank Walls

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These four blank walls suffocated me. I stared at them until I could almost see them speak to me. If the walls could speak, they would probably ramble about how pathetic I looked, staring at the ceiling on a Friday night. I could just tell that these walls pitied me. Even the only thing I had left, my sun parakeet, commiserated me. I mean he hasn’t said anything about it to me, but that’s because the only word I taught him to say was “taco.” When I say my parakeet was the only thing I had left, I’m almost completely telling the truth. My mom was kind enough to leave me with a mattress to sleep on. She took away everything, even the rest of my furniture… even my bed sheets. She canceled my road test, preventing me from getting my license. She took away my phone, my privilege to hang out with my friends, and she made me quit my job. She even told me I lost my privilege to go away to college, depriving me from what is supposed to be the best four years of my life. Depriving me from an experience I was longing for.…show more content…
Maybe she as well ought have exiled me at that point, off to one of those infamous islands where they banish dissidents. It seemed like I was going to be grounded forever. “Nothing lasts forever,” everyone would tell me. They clearly don’t know my mom. My mom is a devout catholic. She was probably a nun in a past life. She made sure she left the portrait of Jesus hanging on my room before she cleared it out. Her only exceptions to the “no going out” rule were to go to school or to go to

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