Analysis Of What Motivates Workers At Small Firms

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Article Summary In every workplace whether small or large organizations, pride, trust, and camaraderie must be present in order to achieve business success or goals within the organization, employers, managers, and employees. In Gail Dutton’s article, What Motivates Workers at Small Firms? she explains the importance in enhancing employee engagement, in that those who are employed at small organizations are motivated by knowing that their contributions make a difference, as well as maintaining work-life balance. Although these things are important at large corporations as well, Dutton (2015) justifies those at large corporations are more dedicated to placing a higher position as measured by pay raise or advancements. Moreover, these differing ways of employee engagement between those of large and small corporations lead to individual empowerment, and consequently employee engagement. Article Analysis…show more content…
Considering that Dominos is a small organization, with employees less than a 100, my friend Carla managed to get promoted from a driver to a manager. For less than a year or so, she realized the hardships of managing other individuals in the company, in that her efforts as a manager were not as easily recognized or appreciated. She felt that while she was a driver, her coworkers, as well as those of upper management praised and acknowledged her more, thus allowing herself to reconsider her position in Dominos. Carla decided to return to her initial position as a driver where she was able to have an open and honest communication, as well as be involved in decision-making and actively engage with her coworkers and

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