How Does Human Trafficking Affect The World

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Human trafficking is the legal movement of people, typically for the purposes of forced labor or commercial sexual exploitation. “The United Nation Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) reports that the official estimates of the number of people who are trafficked each year vary significantly from tens of thousands to millions.” (Shrestha) Many people are affected by human trafficking emotionally and physically. Human trafficking has become such a big issue all over the world. Victims get no mercy and the suspect isn’t merciful. Human trafficking takes a big impact on the world. Violators get caught and get sent to jail for a long period of time or there is just no justice for violators. Human trafficking leaves a mental distrain on the victim for life. Human trafficking should become one of the big issues that we try and make a big resolution for.…show more content…
This is an issue that has been in a snowball effect and if we do not stop it, it will be uncontrollable. “Such high rates of unemployment and economic insecurity, poverty, coupled with low educational background and gender inequality are the biggest contributing factors to women and girls being victims of trafficking in the region.” (Shrestha) Poverty is putting a strain on these people from escaping this big issue. People that are in despite need for money will do anything for their survival. Women and children end up getting sold because they have no real job and they have no education history. People like to take advantage of these women in Nepal because of the lack of education. ”Despite the efforts made by the government, NGOs, and INGOs, however, very little has been achieved in terms of actual reduction in the number of trafficking victims.” (Shrestha) Supporter try to seize the high numbers, but they continue to live. People still find a way to lure young girls or they end up getting sold for financial

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