How Does Globalisation Affect Australia

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Soce assignment The This assignment is analysing the impacts of globalisation on Australia like the political impacts, the social impacts, environmental impacts and the economic impacts. All these impacts are affecting Australia in different ways and some of them are positive and negative. Political is about the dealing with the structure or affairs of government politics and the state. Social is about the interaction with other people and other countries. Environmental is about how the environmental is being affected. Economical is about the things people switch and benefit from each other. Globalisation is how other countries are interacting on a global scale. Political A tsunami massively damaged countries around the Indian Ocean on the day after Christmas 2004. The Australian government sent 1 billion dollars to Indonesia for…show more content…
The communication will allow us to ship things like coal and uranium to trade. Many people are employed in business and industries so they can export googs as well as services. This includes mining, tourism and agriculture × 980-Search by image This picture shows that the social skills used by people Economical One of the most unusual manifestation of India's and china’s sudden growth over the Australians economy is because of the behaviour of Australia’s is the large boost of trade in the last several years. Australia Is now having the largest boost in trad that Australia has ever had. The last five years have been much more than any time from the last 140 years some data allows us to comparison. This picture shows the trade in globalisation × 5460-Search by image

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