One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Obsession Quotes

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The sea. It can swallow up an entire ship with its crew without leaving any trace of their existence. It terrifies us, yet some unknown force draws us to it. Hidden under its waves there is a story of a ship whose captain need for revenge lead to his and his crews demise. Why are we humans driven to such extremes as to sacrifice our whole lives and who we are just for the sake of one want? We all have had and obsession, whether it was a book, movie, person, or dream etc. and we all know how something can consume every thought and action you do. An obsession is like the Chinese Finger Trap game. It is so easy to get your fingers inside the toy, but the moment you pull to try an escape it you find your fingers trapped in its ensnaring grip. Ahab’s need to hunt down Moby Dick consumed his every waking thought. He was unable to pull himself away form the idea and in the end he let it consume him body and soul. Ahab was even able to draw this crew into his obsession. His ability so convince his crew that he was sound of mind enough, that they trusted him enough to go along with is idea of hunting down and killing Moby Dick, is astonishing. He was ably to portray I strong in control captain, while he was actually mentally falling apart on the inside…show more content…
Starbuck, however, was the only one who truly realize just how far gone Ahab was. He even considered killing Ahab in order to save the crew. I still wonder how Starbuck was the only one to see Ahab’s madness. No other member of the crew seriously questioned whether Ahab was capable captaining a ship. Was it simple out of respect for someone of a higher rank? Maybe we all have a madness that is buried inside and being out on the open sea with out land in sight or any other people but the crew can impair your

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