Passchendaele Ridge Research Paper

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Fighting in Passchendaele took great bravery and lots of courage. The Canadians show this during the battle of Passchendaele which occurs on July 31, 1917 and lasts for 4 whole months. The victory at Passchendaele Ridge is a defining moment for Canada as it helps increase nationalism in Canada, displays impressive military skills and helps shape Canada as a country. To begin with, after victory over Passchendaele Ridge, there is increased nationalism in Canada. Being a colony of Britain, Canada still defeats a world power like Germany and takes over Passchendaele Ridge. The Canadians are given the name “Storm Troopers” from the Germans. Furthermore, after hearing about the victory over Passchendaele Ridge, the Canadians have a feeling of pride to their country and that increases Canadian nationalism. Next, The…show more content…
Because of Canada’s significant achievements and sacrifices, Passchendaele holds an important place in Canadian military history. The gains Canada make come from the courage of individual Canadians. 9 Canadian soldiers are awarded the Victoria Cross, the highest honour for heroism in the British Commonwealth. The reputation of the Canadian Corps is confirmed as one of the best fighting formation in the western front after the battle. “It need hardly be a matter of surprise that the Canadians by this time had the reputation of being the best shock troops in the Allied Armies. They had been pitted against the select guards and shock troops of Germany and the Canadian superiority was proven beyond question. They had the physique, the stamina, the initiative, the confidence between officers and men (so frequently of equal standing in civilian life) and happened to have the opportunity.” – General Sir David Watson praises the Canadian effort. This is important as it tells the whole world that the Canadians are also capable of devising and carrying out a successful

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