Role Of Wealth In The Hobbit

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Sophia Perez Teacher: Mr.Reese Class: English Date: February 16th, 2015 Wealth of the Hobbit “The Hobbit” is a fantasy novel that many people have enjoyed reading. It has been nominated and awarded by many. In “the Hobbit” wealth can change your life in different ways. Many don't like the wealthy life and others do. Wealth is a measure of valuable resources that a person contains. In “the Hobbit” both sides of wealth looks like it has been used a few times, especially in the end of the book. You can say that wealth is a major point in the book or you may not, depending on your views of book. Many of the characters enjoy the easy life which is always promoted and useful in people's eyes. The…show more content…
Bilbo leaves his home with only two treasure chests just to live his life the way he wanted. The treasure had gold and silver inside. No excessive luxury or wealth would make Bilbo satisfied. Bilbo just wanted enough to make it through his life. This shows and makes proof of what the book is based off of at the end. The dwarves for example claim the heritage that they have and the biggest motivation they have together is the desire for more money. The dwarves have spent their whole lives working in the mines, until the wizard approaches them all with a key and map. This is what started their whole journey over finding the treasure filled with gold so they could become very wealthy people. To them nothing will get in their way of getting all the money they want. The Dwarves do this so they don’t have to work anymore and show all the others that they are in control of taking all the treasure that they are in desire for. The Elves dislike the Dwarves on the other hand. They believe that the Dwarves had stolen treasure from them before. The Elves don’t believe anything that the Dwarves tell them. The Dwarves say they are going to meet up with relatives when in reality the Elves understand that there is no way they could be meeting up with relatives when their only desire and wanting is of money. They wouldn’t do anything if it wasn’t for the

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