How Is Women Portrayed In The Great Gatsby

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As an author, Fitzgerald portrays women as selfish, self-absorbed and overall untrustworthy. Throughout “The Great Gatsby” and other stories written by Fitzgerald it is very evident that all women in the roaring twenties had a want and a desire to have the illusion of a perfect life and wanted to be seen as desirable subject that couldn’t be reached. His portrayal of women also shows how shallow society was and how it affected the way these women thought. Many women in “The Great Gatsby “were seen as incompetent and were expected to be so. Daisy said “I’m glad it’s a girl. And I hope she’ll be a fool – that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.” Her saying this shows how females were seen and how…show more content…
During this period of time women were stereotyped. They were only seen as objects of affection for men, they were not contributors to the development of society in what was considered to be a man’s world at the time. They were subjected to gossip as way to entertain themselves which men looked down upon .Nick said “Dishonesty in a woman is something you never blame deeply…” this quote symbolizes the pity in which men gave women. Men reserved women by dominating the social world which influenced the women to petty…show more content…
They wanted wealth and extravagance they believed that a lifestyle of constant change was ideal and that being pursued by men showed a sense of mystery. They were envious of her they wanted to believe that they were young again they didn’t want to be married. They wanted to be in a way somewhat independent, Myrtle having an affair with Tom was her way of having such a lifestyle she wanted to escape. Daisy’s way of getting to this dream life was by leaving Gatsby behind so that she could marry Tom and have money yet having Gatsby show affection for her giving her the illusion that she was being chased and that just like Judy and Dexter, Gatsby could never truly have her and she would never truly love him because she was overtaken with

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