How Did The Puritans Influence New England

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The Puritans were a group of English Reformed Protestants. They shared many of their values with the New England colonies. The Puritans influences the New England in different social, political, and economical ways. The Puritans introduced new forms of livestock that the New England colonies continued to use. As well as the Town Hall democracy, continued to thrive in the New England colonies and they continued to serve under the Church of England. Private land ownership began to increase. Furthermore, the government became more involved with the religious goals of the community. The Puritans also began to reform the Church of England because they wanted it to because more “pure.” The Puritans expressed how the values of religion were very important. As the puritans expressed their thought about religion it influenced the colonists of New England. The people there became more involved with religion and thought it more important according to John Winthrop stating “we must delight in each other’ make others conditions our own;…show more content…
This was the same in the settlers’ origin country, as Nathaniel Ward states, “that the state that will give liberty of conscience in matters of religion, must give liberty of conscience and condense in their moral laws.” He explains that even religion of the settlement still cannot limit the liberty given to the people of that settlement. As John Higgison states that “New England is original as plantation of religion, and not a plantation of trade.” He expressed how when they first set out for the new world they wanted to convert people, but now all they want to do is increase their economical wealth by trading. This conversion plantation of religion quickly changed into an economical plantation of trade to increase wealth. The Puritans believed that it was more important to worship God than to be worried about money. This idea of economics was shared with the settlers of New

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