The Thirty-Nine Steps Richard Hannay Character Analysis

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Often we find in the stories we read that the hero has a treacherous adventure as they travel to reach their goal. Hero as a victim is a common plot in many books. In the book “The Thirty- Nine Steps” by John Buchan the protagonist, Richard Hannay, is both portrayed as a hero and a victim. This is proven through the adventures and prosecution that he is delivered throughout the book. Whether it is running from the police, from German spies or surviving the elements Hannay is the embodiment of a being a victim while acting like a hero. Even though Hannay is the main hero and victim we witness there is also another character that also complies with this standard. Scudder is the first spy we meet. The opening into the spy world for Hannay…show more content…
As soon as Hannay lets Scudder into his apartment, listens to his fantastical tales of adventure and conspiracies, and believes him; Buchan sets Hannay up to fall into the role of a hero. Therefore Hannay becomes our new hero. He is able to take up Scudders work even though the dangerous implications lay in front of him on the floor. Hannay thinks deeply, proclaiming, “that long knife would not be the end of Scudder if I could play the game in his place.”(Buchan, 12) To me, this signifies one of the greatest types of heroes. Even though these circumstances are forced upon him, Hannay takes up Scudders battle cry to save their fellow countrymen and other innocent lives. Knowing that people were going to be hunting him; “Scudder’s enemies to put me out of my existence, and the police, who would want me for Scudder’s murder.”(Buchan, 12.) In the face of this knowledge, Hannay decides to keep moving to try and find someone that would believe him. Instead of just running away and never looking back, Hannay fights to get the knowledge Scudder died for in the right hands. On the run, Hannay decides that he needs to hold out for three weeks, until the 15th of

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