Substancial Injury Case Study

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The athlete that has experienced a substancial injury is a baseball player whose position is second base. He is curently seventeen years old but was injured last year. He first experienced minor pain on his hamstring while running the sixty yard dash at the track. From that day on, he applied ice to the area of pain everyday until it felt better. Then at one game he was first to bat. He hit a ground ball and hustled to first base. As that occurred, he pulled his hamstring. The coaches ran and carried the athlete to a nearby bleacher. One coach massaged the area with ice, wrapped it and then elevated his leg. No surgery was needed and it was his first injury he ever suffered. He was diagnosed with a grade one injury and had to go to physical therapy. This lasted for two months. At the time, the athlete had been living in Puerto Rico. The physical therapist stretched his legs, applied some sort of electricity or shock to the area and performed an ultra sound. He only took one type of medication which it's function was to relax the hamstring muscle group. After six months he returned from the injury to play baseball.…show more content…
His hamstrings were probably very streched out from the sixty yard dash before and. As he reached first, his hamstrings were damaged. He claimed "Everything happened because when I was running on the track I didn't stretch well before." As a symptom, he felt pain on the back of his thigh. If he would have continue playing, his injury could have gone from a grade one to a grade two or even a grade three injury. Also if he didn't have the appropriate care, he would probably still be feeling pain in his hamstrings whenever he

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