Comparing The Declaration Of The Rights Of Man And Citizen

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A person is molded by their experiences. They are who they are today because of what they have went through. Their thoughts are formulated based on what they know. People are trapped to think within the confines of their present knowledge. Their background determines everything. The French Revolutionaries and Karl Marx had two completely different backgrounds because of this they had different views on the structure of society and this lead to them having different definitions of citizenship and rights. The French Revolution was led by the Third Estate, who felt that they were being mistreated by the King. The Revolution came about after Louis XIV died and Louis XVI was not capable of running France. It happened at a time when there was deep division among the three Estates. They believed that their rights as citizens were not being secured. This is why they wrote up the “Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen.” The document granted several rights similar to the American Bill of Rights along with other rights such as a…show more content…
At the beginning of the revolution there was a distinction made between active and passive citizens (Hunt 19). People who owned property were considered active citizens and had a voice in the government, while people without property were classified as passive citizens because they only enjoyed such rights as equal protection under the law. This distention was eventually done away with and citizenship was extended to every male besides servants and the unemployed (Hunt 19). The French Revolutionaries extended rights to the type of people that came to power during the revolution. They had a cause which was to get full citizenship and rights for themselves and they earned that for the majority of them but not for the minorities among them. They were centered on improving the political position of the Third Estate and that influenced their ideas about citizenship and

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