Snowflake Creator Research Paper

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There are many jobs around that can be rewarding. Everybody has their own taste in the things that they like to do and what they do for a living. There are jobs that depend on and involve working with the weather, a snowflake creator, is one of those jobs. Some of the things that make being a snowflake creator so rewarding are that others get to enjoy their hard work, they have free creativity, get to experience different cultures and countries and it’s a very relaxing job. One of the main reasons why being a snowflake creator is rewarding is because snowflakes are made for others. For the people who live in cold areas, it snows there. Snow itself is pretty but when you live there, it can just get annoying. Instead, a snowflake creator can…show more content…
It is the snowflake creator’s job to make each one unique. So, when creating a snowflake they are free to create whatever design they want to make. Snowflake creators also have extremely good memory as to what designs they have made before, so that they don’t make it again. Being a creator, they are able to put their imagination into their work to make something truly memorable. It snows in different countries all over the world. This means that a snowflake creator can’t just stay in one place where it snows. So, they get to travel all over the world to do their job. They’re able to see and experience the culture and the snow in different countries and learn many new things. A culture or country can also influence the designs of the snowflakes to make them each unique. Making snowflakes unique requires imagination and creativity, but for a snowflake creator, those things come naturally. So, while doing things that come naturally, it becomes a very relaxing job. It doesn't come with a lot of stress so they can enjoy their job and be happy. If they’re happy and relaxed while they’re working, then their emotions and feelings can be put into the designs. These things can help make snowflakes more beautiful and

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