Australia's Attitude Towards Vietnam War Essay

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‘For what reasons and to what extent did attitudes to Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War change between 1965 and 1970?’ Australia's attitude towards involvement in the Vietnam War gradually changed between 1965 and 1970 towards opposing the war. This shift in attitude occurred primarily because of the lack of success, the horrific images of violence, the strengthening protest movement of the introduction of conscription. At the beginning of the Vietnam war Australia's attitude towards the war mirrored the Americans. Australia's public opinion towards the war were in line with Americas but on a smaller scale due to Australia having a smaller population. The reason why Australia was involved in the Vietnam war was because they had alliance…show more content…
It was obvious in noticing that Australia was undecided on their opinion about the war as different newspapers had different opinions to each other. For example The Australian newspaper said that the government made a bad decision in the involvement of Australia in the Vietnam War because our military is just a pawn in the political game and we will regret sending our soldiers to war. "The Menzies government has made a reckless decision on Vietnam which the nation may live to regret. The decision is wrong, at this time, whichever way you look at it", taken from The Australian, 30 April 1965. On the other hand The Age newspaper believed that it is mandatory for Australia to enter the Vietnam war. We are obligated to because of our geographical location and our allies. "There is clearly a United States to share, even in a small way, more of the burdens... There was no alternative but to respond as we have", taken from The Age, 30 April 1965. Both of these sources were released on the same day as this shows how in decided Australia were about sending Australians to fight in the Vietnam

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