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In today’s society it has never been common for a female to hold the position of an athletic director. This is a trend that is changing rapidly because now in day we see more and more females that are taking over these positions. For years the job of an athletic director has been known to be a male job. The sports industry is an industry that is and has been dominated predominantly by male. It is very rare to have a female as an athletics director. This trend is beginning to change because the sports industry is growing and as the industry is growing more people are developing an interest for sports related careers. Many would believe that females are not capable of doing the job of an athletic trainer while others believe that that females…show more content…
After the Sandusky incident Penn State University’s reputation was really bad. The athletic program at Penn State had to find a way of reconstructing their athletic program and somewhat clean their name. This was not going to be an easy job because of what had happened. During the mist of everything that was going on the athletic director at Penn State lost his job and as a result of this Penn State hired a woman to take over the program. When Penn State finally replaced an interim athletic director who had endured 987 days in the turbulent wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal, it hired a woman (Fitzpatrick 2015). In a way this sort of justify the social justice concerns involved with this topic because after such an event taking place the university hired a woman as a way of clearing up the air. This shows how much a simple mistake can affect society as whole. After this event took place many things at Penn State changed and a lot of people changed their views on Penn State. By hiring a female this was going to put Penn State in a better place because it was showing that they were giving females opportunities also. This is huge when it comes to justice because regardless of hiring a new athletic director that is of the opposing sex that will not be enough to fix the damage that was done to the victims of Jerry…show more content…
Smith not only is front and center, but she also is setting history: she is the first female athletic director Haverford College has had (Rabito, 2007). As big of a controversy this topic is creating each day it is more and more evident that females are just as capable of running an athletic program at a college as a man is. This was something that was never seen before because females were not give the opportunity to showcase their true talents until a few years back when females started stepping up. There are many female athletic directors who have been the ones to pave the way for other females who have aspirations of one day becoming an athletic

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