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Orange County, California was the new playground for politics and conservatives back in the 1960s. In the book Suburban Warriors, Lisa McGirr highlights on why this community set the way for new understandings and ideas that lead the nation into new reforms and a new president. She talks about how demographically Orange County progresses as a city. McGirr talks how religious movements’ plays a role in this new political movement, along with Goldwater and the new Right. She uses many stories throughout the book from the suburban’s to tell how they helped modernize the nation. In the book she talks about Orange County, California offered their land during the war so the nation could have land and build weapons. After the war, young people moved outside the cities and became suburban’s. Lisa McGirr calls the growth something similar to the Gold Rush for entrepreneurs looking to settle west. Orange County wasn’t just like any other city in California though, it has strict morals and homogenous population as McGirr describes. This helps set the platform for conservatism because the strength of…show more content…
The new Republican party was now getting recognized nationally and Orange County being one was well. The CRA in Orange County starts reaching out towards other conservatives they had worked with in past events. Some of these to be the John Birch Society, the Orange County School of Anti-Communism, Dvorman struggle, etc. were reached out to. The campaign in 64 begins and ends with Orange County since the headquarters of Goldwater resided there. The beginnings of the grassroots ideas formed small groups that then started to reach out in the state so Orange County is heard. They progressed into the campaign where the nomination of Republican Party was given to Goldwater. However, on a national level Goldwater was not appealed by all conservatives especially those in

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