How Did Roman Architecture Develop Greek Culture

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There are many way the Romans adopted the Greek culture and cultural attributes. The Roman Architects used many references to the Greek columns and building formats. They also had very similar art forms that were originated from the Greeks precisely handcrafted masterpieces. The Greeks liked to capture beauty and character in their artworks which in later times the Romans found capturing and decided to also capture ideal character and beauty in their artworks as well. In Religion, Romans came across rich Greek religious beliefs and started adapting to them one by one. Both had their own way or managing but as it came down the Romans found the Greeks as fundamental stepladder to reach ultimate success. As the Romans learned more about Greek culture, they began adapting many of the Greeks traditions and inventions. Consequently, a new blend of cultures emerged. This blend is called "Greco-Roman. Artists of the Roman Empire created new, distinctly Roman style works inspired by Greek art forms and also by works of the Etruscans and the earlier Roman Republic. In standard portraits of emperors, for example, Roman sculptors symbolized their subjects and…show more content…
Roman architects used the Greek system of orders and added two more of their own: Tuscan and Composite. The Greek architects perfected and polished the use of columns, primarily in temples. There are three main types of column styles based on the three main Greek Orders of architecture: Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian. The Greeks having the first known true form of democracy which America and later nations adopted had a true influence on Americas Capital buildings and Monumental Landmarks today For example, the White House and Capitol Building have columns on the front, and Greek was known from their columns on their temples and Important Halls and

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