How Did Powhatan Indians Influence Colonial America

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• North America had been claimed by Spain through the Treaty of Tordesillas. King James still thought that he could take the outer areas of Spain’s New World empire. When the Spanish Armada attacked, England was able to defend their self this occurred in 1588. • The Virginia Company was a joint-stock company that was under the control of King James. London investors that were part of the Virginia Company had grand ideas; they wanted to find an empire that would support England overseas and at home. • 144 Englishmen set sail on 3 ships; Susan Constant, Discovery, and Godspeed, on their way toward Virginia arriving at the Chesapeake Bay in 1607. • When the Englishmen were attacked by the Algonquian Indians, they then realized that the North…show more content…
• Powhatan’s people did keep contact with the English people but they knew their boundaries. Some Indians had converted to Christianity. Marriages of Indian women and English men were rare, even though there was a small shortage of English women in the early years. Some settlers learned the Indians’ language. Yes, they were all friends but the English weren’t afraid to use their weapons to attack the Indians. • When Powhatan died in 1618, Opechancanough, his brother took over as supreme chief. He formed an assault on the English settlers in 1622. They were able to kill about 347 colonists, which was almost one third of the English population. Companies to…show more content…
The Chesapeake consisted of Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina. They were able to export 35 million pounds of tobacco. They had become experts when it came to tobacco agriculture. • John Rolfe was the future husband of Pocahontas. He planted tobacco seeds in year 1612 and he also learned. By 1617 colonists had grown more than enough tobacco to send a bundle to England. • Tobacco wasn’t such an easy growing crop. It needed a lot of attention and special care. Tools and methods had made this successful. • A headright was a settler that paid his or her own transportation to the Chesapeake region and got a 50-acre piece of land. System of servant labor • Indentured servants were the eighty percent that came to the Chesapeake in the 17th century. Instead of having slaves there was a society of white servants and ex-servants. There weren’t many African slaves that were brought to the Chesapeake region just then. • The first group of Africans came into Virginia in 1619 on the White Lion. It was an English that took them away from the Portuguese ship that was on its way to South

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