Chapter Summary: The Most Dangerous Game

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The next morning General Zaroff killed Rainsford last night so everyone is probably thinking” where is Rainsford?”, “Where did Rainsford go?” “Did something happen to him?” “Did he get lost in the forest?” “Did he get some food?’ said the crew members. The crew members were probably looking for him. The crew people do not know but the one person who knows will not tell the crew that is helping him cook meals, wash laundry, get stuff ready for them find more food he won’t talk to anyone about this at all. The other thing that everyone is wondering what happened to Rainsford who would do such a horrible thing to someone on the island did they really need to do this to a human being? Not really he just wanted to do it because he was probably not…show more content…
The crew members have one thing that belongs to the General but they still do not have an idea where he is at? They keep on looking for the General and Rainsford but they are having a hard time trying to find him. One of the crew members say “ It’s almost dark outside let’s go back and look for the General and Rainsford in the morning. When the crew members and everyone else who went out to find the General and Rainsford they go back and there is Rainsford with a lot of dirt on him the crew members ask “Where were you all last night and all day?” Rainsford said’ I was getting stuff for the crew all day and last night after all of you went to bed” but Rainsford did not want to say the truth because if Rainsford tells them where he was actually doing they might not like that and probably kill him or tell him that he needs to leave the island for killing General Zaroff. So after a while the crew is thinking are you telling the truth or are you just lying so you can do more of this when someone is sleeping. But the crew still do not know where the General is

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