Delta Airlines Ratios

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For years people and scientists have been trying to find ways to actually fly. Before then, some people even tried to attach artificial wings, made up of feathers, to their arms or even attach it to a machine to try and fly. Just like how a bird flies, they thought the same concept would apply to them. They were very wrong, and it was not until 1783 that a few aeronauts started using hot air balloons that were filled with hot air and hydrogen gas. But this was still not an efficient method of flying. As we all know, as time advances so does technology. By 1799, Sir George Cayley built the first airplane, nevertheless Cayley still kept the concept of the bird-flying method, except he added some adjustments. For instance he added fixed wings,…show more content…
R. Coad and Collett E. Woolman. Between 1928 and 1934, Delta’s name was modified to Delta Air Lines as well as their services. They were able to modify and renovate and later announced as the third largest airlines in USA. Delta Airlines operates in all continents except Antarctica. When analyzing Delta’s ratios, there have been some signs of both positive and negative ratios of their airlines. The current ratio for Delta rises every year and it shows that the company’s short-term assets are able to pay off its short term liabilities. Due to Delta’s increased ratios, it shows that the airline is stable. Another positive ratio that Delta was able outperform JetBlue was in their quick ratio. This means that they were to settle their current liabilities on a very short notice. These were the two positive ratios of Delta airlines. But when competing against JetBlue Airlines, Delta seemed to be struggling in terms of their Debt Ratio, Inventory Turnover and Account Receivable Turnover. When dealing with debt ratios, we want our numbers to be low, unlike Delta’s ratio which is very high, since it shows the fewer debts they have to pay…show more content…
The cost of fuel was a big problem to the airline, they sunk from 8.1 million to 2.7 million. Although the business was inconsistent, and had some major issues, Jetblue was able to expand its services to the Caribbean atthe beginning of 2008. And all this was possible with their partnership with birchbox and DirecTV in 2000 (no extra cost). This made Jetblue stand out in terms of TV, snacks, legroom, and other customer services. Although this was great, it also made Jetblue a threat to other airlines. Another thing that stands out with Jetblue is that they have a frequent-flyer program also known as “Trueblue”—With every dollar spent you gain three points towards your next flight. Again, this was a great deal for their business, but it made them a threat to other

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