How Did Jonathan Edwards Influence Religion

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Jonathan Edwards is still considered as one of the greatest American theologians. His work in the early awakening helped prepare the way for a revolution. In A Short Life of Jonathan Edwards, Marsden described his theology, “He developed his theology within his own Reformed or Calvinist tradition, and many of his particular insights are most celebrated by people of that heritage. Nonetheless, he was also exploring some of the highest reaches of the broader Christian heritage that transcend any one outlook.” His theology made such an impact on the Puritans living in the 17th century that copious amounts of people came to believe in Christ because of him. Edward’s theology was very spiritual in the sense that he was a devotee of God, everything he said was because of his intense relationship with God. George M. Marsden said in his…show more content…
“His intensity and crystal-clear logic seems to have been combined with a warmth of genuine concern that got through to many people.” In his sermons he would use extensive vivid imagery and sometimes they would cast a spell over his audience. To Edwards, having a loving and faithful relationship to God was the most essential point in an individual’s life, to him nothing could be more important. At one point in Edward’s life he had a dilemma with the people of Northampton, one of the town’s main citizens committed suicide. Joseph Hawley was his name and he was Edward’s uncle, Jonathan Edward was devastated by his death, but also remained hopeful. He believed that God used
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