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Ender Wiggins is like a single solitary cloud in the sky. Ender is a boy who is transported to a military school to become a military commander. He gets promoted at a record-breaking rate. He becomes a toon leader under the command of his friend, Petra Arkanian. I am reading Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. In this journal I will explain why Ender's search for identity, his search for love, and the military's search for a leader are the three most important searches that interpret the course of the book. Primarily, Ender is searching for his identity. He hasn’t yet found his place within the ranks of the school. He usually has only a brief sojourn in one place before he gets promoted of moved to a different army. Ender isn’t ‘normal’ in the sense of the way he acts compared to his peers. Ender tries to not be like Peter, his brother, and attempts to redress it when he sees himself acting like Peter. “And then a worse fear, that he was a killer, only better at it than Peter ever was” (Card 118). Ender fears becoming someone worse than Peter. Ender is searching for his identity because he hasn’t found his place in the school and he is trying to not be someone like Peter.…show more content…
A reason for this is because the school alienates him from his peers. He is in a different army than that of his friends’. He didn’t join in when his friends were reminiscing about their squabble with the older kids. Also, the school blocks all letters from home. Ender is worlds away from his family. They never give him the letters, therefore he doesn’t write back to his family. “Ender, the bastards wouldn’t put any of my letters through till now” (Card 150). It is clear that Ender is searching for love because the school keeps him isolated from his peers and blocks all letters from his family and friends back

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