The Taming Of The Shrew Social Issues

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In The Taming of the Shrew, written by the British play writer Shakespeare in 1593, there are many tensions that need be eased. The relationship between the characters causes this tension to heat and slowly boil up, but near the end of the play the tensions simmer down, just like the feelings of the characters toward one another. Throughout the play, Shakespeare critiqued important matters through rebellious actions by creating social issues with Kate's attitude, political issues with suitors dressing up as schoolmasters to win Bianca’s affection, and cultural issues with the pressure of marriage to Kate. The social issues faced in the play are mainly presented with the main character, Kate. The main social issue is her relentless attitude…show more content…
They relate to each other because in this time period women knew that after a certain age they were supposed to get married. Kate, however, did everything to try and prevent her own marriage. An argument that has risen is that in, “Shakespeare’s texts some references to the subordination of women who after marriage lose everything they have” which could cause the character Kate to be portrayed against all that (Yerebakan). Even just through hearing about Kate’s character this point can be fairly argued that she did not want to be come a piece in the man’s life and just stay around collecting dust. She was a fireball that could not be controlled and wanted people to know. Another argument that has surged among people is that, although Kate claimed she did not want to get married, there was a part of her that still wanted it. Every girl, even in this older time period had the dream of walking down the aisle. Kate never dreamed she could because of her reputation in Padua, until Petruchio came from a different town and accepted the challenge of taming her after just hearing about the nastiness she can be. Through his arrival Kate undergoes a change she did not expect. She started dreaming that maybe with Petruchio she could get married. Then her father witnessed what was so different of Kate, “I cannot blame thee now to weep” because Petruchio was tardy to his own wedding (3.2.27). She had opened up herself to the idea that she was going to get married, so when Petruchio arrives later than expected she feels hurt. All the dreams she thought that could be coming true, she had thought they were shattered. She did not know that the tardiness was part of Petruchio’s plan to tame her, and realized later that it had the effect he had desired. She became vulnerable at that moment, even allowing herself to weep. The reason behind her unpleasant attitude to marriage is because of the fact that

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