How Did Humanism Impact The Renaissance

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Before humanism impacted the Arts and Literature of the Renaissance, many European artists only drew non- realistic religious paintings in 2 dimensions. After the medieval fall of the Church due to the Great Schism, and the fall of feudalism in the 1300s, the Renaissance came to be. The Renaissance, meaning a rebirth, was exactly as its name made it out to be in both art and literature. Along with the Renaissance came the novel idea of Humanism, a more human centered approach to the arts and literature. Due to the idea of humanism, Art and literature began to veer away from the godly and religious to a more secular, 3 dimensional and realistic perspective. The Renaissance began in Florence, Italy from the years 1350 to 1400 due to the previous Great Schism in the 11th century,…show more content…
As you may expect, the artists of Florence were of great status back then as they are now. The first Florentine Artist to apply this humanistic idea to his paintings was Giotto di Bondone. In his painting Madonna Enthroned, Giotto paints Mary, mother of Jesus, with angels to her side. This same painting was also painted by Cimabue, traditionally thought to be his teacher. If we compare the two we can observe that Giotto makes use of more vivid colors as well as sense of the 3 dimension in the way the angels overlap each other. Giottos’ Madonna Enthroned is considerably more realistic than that of Cimabues’ Madonna Enthroned. Another great Florentine Artist as well a hallmark Renaissance painter was Leonardo Davinci. Davincis’ famed Mona Lisa also flaunts a humanistic perspective. Davinci painted a portrait of Lisa del Giocondo who was part of a wealthy family of Florence. He painted her portrait
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