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“Always make the audience suffer as much as possible.” This is a famous quote from one of the most clever and witty directors of all time, Alfred Hitchcock. He worked hard throughout his life, which is how he managed to change the world through the power of entertainment. Alfred Hitchcock created the most revolutionary films of his time because of his early life, his filmmaking process, his successes, and his impact on culture. Alfred Hitchcock’s early life had a large impact on his successful career. His early life includes his parents, loneliness, education, and work; all factors which affected his decision to pursue his craft. He was born on August 13, 1899 in London, England. (“Sir Alfred”). He was raised by extremely strict and…show more content…
He began college by studying engineering at the St. Ignatius College (“Alfred Hitchcock”). It was a Jesuit school which would beat their students for minor violations, adding to Hitchcock’s “fear of punishments.” He then left to pursue the arts. He studied art at the University at London at a time when filmmaking was not a “mainstream” college major to study (Thomson…show more content…
As a teenager, Hitchcock worked in engineering for Henley’s, a department store in Britain. His job was to be the draftsman for the company’s advertising layout, but while he did this job he also submitted short stories for an in-house pub (“Sir Alfred”) . In 1920, Hitchcock entered the film industry designing the title cards, the dialogue for silent films, for an American film company who had an office in London. Alfred immediately clicked with filmmaking and within three years moved up to scriptwriter, then art director, then assistant director, and then finally to director. The first movies he directed were “The Pleasure Garden” (1925) and “Blackmail” (1929) (“Alfred Hitchcock”). After succeeding in the director’s chair, Alfred Hitchcock knew he could rise to the top. In 1939, he left Britain for Hollywood (“Sir Alfred”). He moved to the Beverly Hills and married Alma Reville, a woman who would become his main writer and adviser (“Alfred Hitchcock”). Alfred Hitchcock was set for a career that would last 60 years (“Sir

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