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Do you like deep, dark, and dangerous types of books? Ones that will keep you turning page after page? Well then James Patterson is the author for you! The book I just finished, Worst Case, is about a NYPd detective named Mike Bennett who gets assigned to a case where numerous sons and daughters of rich family’s are kidnapped. The kidnapper himself is named Francis X. Mooney and most who know him can say that he’s a bit insane. As each day goes by before the Mike and his partner Emily solve the case another college student gets kidnapped. In the end Mooney has kidnapped six people, killed 3 innocent people, and all of it in order to donate to charities! To describe this book I will be evaluating Francis x. Mooney, questioning why Mooney wanted to donate so much, and predicting that Mike and Emily will marry.…show more content…
Mooney is quit a character he can get both emotional and/or anger within seconds of an idea. Mooney is just like any other guy around his age for his guise. Mary Beth; one of the survivors; described him as, “ in his late fifties maybe, broad shouldered, about six feet tall. He has salt and pepper hair” (Patterson 224). He is an intelligent looking man who wears glasses too. Mooney does have a life outside of crime and some of the events outside triggered his criminal actions. For example he was diagnosed with lunge cancer from smoking. This happened a couple months prior to the kidnappings. Francis also worked for an attorney office called Ericson, Weymuth, and Roth. Most people that know Francis X. Mooney think he’s a bit

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