How Did Gilgamesh Become Selfish

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According to the Epic of Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh was said to be two parts god and one part man. I would describe Gilgamesh as an extremely arrogant, cocky, and selfish King. He used his power to gain control over women and everyone underneath him. He would take advantage of any woman of his choosing. The people below him were said to be sick of his ways and that is where Enkidu comes into play. At first him and Enkidu were set to fight but after fighting the two became very close friends. Gilgamesh is searching for immortality because his biggest fear is dying. He slowly finds out through the story that the only way to achieve immortality is through reproduction. There were many obstacles throughout the Epic of Gilgamesh; Gilgamesh battled many things internally and externally. I would say that his biggest battle was the loss of his dear friend Enkidu. This is where we see Gilgamesh slowly…show more content…
It is referred to today as the myth of creation. The god Marduk is said to have killed his mother Tiamat cutting her like a fish splitting her body into two. Her body was said to have been made up of water so when Marduk split her body he made half of her body the sky and the other half the earth. Hebrew: The Hebrew narrative said that when creation was formed that Earth was a dark formless void. In the Hebrew narrative God created the heavens and Earth is six days. He was said to have started with darkness and light and ended with the creation of man on the sixth day. Both stories were similar in the fact that matter exists when creation begins. Light exists before creation of sun, moon, and stars. There is a division of waters above and below, with a barrier holding back the upper waters. Also the sequence of creation was another similarity between the two. I believe he also represents someone who has lost touch with their spiritual side and due to this fact is paying the consequences in

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