Comparing Gilgamesh And The Immortal

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Last weeks readings were three excerpts from Gilgamesh and The Immortal. Both of these readings included aspects of immortality. This similarity is something that was an important concept from the past. The purpose of these stories are to demonstrate a relation between god and man and to demonstrate how one lives forever. The idea of religion at this time had to do with immortality, all gods were immortal in some way, this was evident in Gilgamesh. I do not think that contemporary secular stories about immortality are similar to Gilgamesh. I believe this because Gilgamesh was about religious and spiritual beliefs and secular stories are things that do not look into religious and spiritual things. I think they have similarities because of the…show more content…
They are both out seeking immortality and have come up with this idea through their own idea of God and his knowledge. Gilgamesh goes on a journey that began when God created him a bother named Enkidu. His brother Enkidu was the opposite of Gilgamesh in the way that he was giving, and not selfish. Gilgamesh set Enkidu up with a prostitute that made the animals ashamed of him. After become human Enkidu and Gilgamesh become friends, and Gilgamesh begins to see weaknesses in himself. Gilgamesh then goes on a journey to becomes immortal so he can become a true God, like how he has told his people he is, but fails to obtain immortality. This is a different journey than the journey explored in The Immortals. The main protagonist did not believe that the quest was real, and later found out the truth. The story follows a man who finds the river or immunity. To find this river the protagonist had to go through a horrible journey through the city. The city is where one does not understand the difference between their imagination and what is actually happening, thus creating horrible experiences for those visiting. At the end of this story the protagonist does find immunity whereas in Gilgamesh the protagonist does

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