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Sherrie Allan Professor T. Emery Traditions of World Literature 2030 11 November 2015 Sacred Soulmates In the epic story of Gilgamesh, two men from two different worlds unite. The men share incredible physical strength and courage but have different personalities. Gilgamesh is the selfish and arrogant one, and Enkidu is the more sensitive and understanding one. Gilgamesh is the mighty king of Uruk, and he lives in a palace with the finest amenities. Gilgamesh is tall, muscular, and stunningly handsome with supernatural powers. He is two-third god and one-third human. Gilgamesh dominates his powers as king and treats the people of Uruk inhumanly. He puts his own needs and wants first. Enkidu is a naked, beast-like man of the wild that lives,…show more content…
Equality comes from the blossoming of their relationship. Their minds are alike as far as dominance. Enkidu comes from the wild and has power over the animals. Gilgamesh is king and has power over the people of Uruk. The two are much like a scale; one has more power over the other. In order to balance the scale equally on each side, a portion of Enkidu’s qualities must be added to Gilgamesh’s and vice versa. They both terrorize people. Enkidu terrorizes the trappers by defending and protecting the animal. The trapper says, “He fills in the pits I have dug, he tears out the traps I have set, he frees the animals, and I can catch nothing. My livelihood is gone” (76). Gilgamesh terrorizes the people of Uruk. Gilgamesh “takes the son from his father and crushes him, takes the girl from her mother and uses her” (72). Their personalities complement each other. The two are equal in appearance, supernatural abilities, and their incredible strength. They inspire each other’s courage. The two are mirror images of one another but have different ways of thinking. Gilgamesh completes Enkidu’s lack of humanly instincts and civilization. Enkidu is the kind of hero and warrior that Gilgamesh is striving to become but has not quite found because of his arrogance and selfishness. The two are opposite, which benefits Gilgamesh more than Enkidu. Enkidu’s sensitive and heartfelt demeanor rubs off on Gilgamesh. Their personalities and way of thinking balance out perfectly, which makes them equal. The only equality the two show one another is their true loyalty, love, and

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