World War 1 Trench Mobility Essay

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From the beginning of World War I, mobility was a struggle for many people in the battle. Soldiers dug trenches throughout the battle field so that they could be closer to their enemies at all time, which also allowed them to dig out and keep getting closer to each other. These allowed people in the war to get under cover when being attacked. The trenches were full of people at all times. When it was time for the people to switch out they had to go out of the back of the trenches because if they would have gone out of the front then they would have been shot down, in the middle of no man’s land and just left out there to die. People couldn’t get the medical aid that they needed and when they were injured they just had to tough it out. These trenches had there up and they had there downs, people were exposed to the water and elements most of the time because when it rained the trenches would fill up with water and then the soldiers would have to wade around in the water while they were in the trenches and ended up getting many sicknesses from always having on wet clothes and then sleeping without dry clothing. If your feet are in the water for a long time when you are in the shower you notice that your feet shrivel up and start to look funny and really wrinkly well think of being in the…show more content…
If it wasn’t from being shot or stabbed or bombed it was from being too cold in the night and being wet or even from diseases. A battle that was fought in the trenches were, the Battle of Somme. In this battle the British bombed the Germans heavily for a week straight, but the bombs didn’t even reach the front lines at all so all of the Germans were not affected. The reason the Germans were also not affected is because they were dug into heavily fortified trenches which are trenches deep in the ground that sometimes have a roof type thing over it usually held up by poles in the

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