How Is Brutus A Tragic Hero

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Marcus Brutus is the tragic hero of Julius Caesar. Brutus believed that Caesar would bring chaos and have a negative impact on Rome. Brutus thought that killing Caesar it would preserve the republic of Rome. Brutus put his country before his own wellbeing, his friends, and even his family. He joined the conspiracy to assassinate Caesar. The irony of Brutus’s assassination of Caesar is that he actually admired Caesar. Although he admired Caesar he put his feelings aside and killed Caesar anyway. Brutus is not only respected by his friends but also his enemies. Brutus is even respected by Caesar as he kills him. Like Caesar, Brutus has his faults, he puts own personal feelings first which leads to tragedy. Brutus thinks too much of himself and lets his own self-worth take hold of his senses. It is Brutus's qualities and his easiness to let others manipulate him that causes him to participate in Caesar's murder.…show more content…
He supports the republic and believes in a government that is guided by the votes of senators, not by dictatorship as Caesar would have it. Brutus believes the people will be oppressed if Caesar becomes king. He believes this so strongly that he makes it a reason to take Caesar's life. Brutus is dedicated to bettering Rome over his own welfare, in other words he cares more about Rome than he does himself. Brutus’s sense of honor makes him weak to the roman citizens. His strict moral code also brings about his own undoing. Brutus kills Caesar but refuses to kill Antony, as Cassius suggests they should. Brutus makes an error in judgment by believing that he and Cassius are thinking alike and in agreement about killing Caesar. Cassius only wants Caesar dead because he is jealous of Caesar. Brutus believes that the only way Rome can be saved is by taking Caesar's

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