Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones In Thank You, M Am By Langston Hughes

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Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones Langston Hughes’s invigorating short story, “Thank You, M’am,” features a woman by the name of Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones. Mrs. Jones takes upon advising her young, would-be mugger that stealing is wrong in the most unexpected of ways. She is a brave and strong, sympathetic, and nurturing woman. There is no doubt that Mrs. Jones is a brave and strong woman. Although, her mugger is just a young boy, barely fifteen years of age and frail, she does not think twice in kicking him. The he act of him snatching her purse hardly fazed her. She simply turns around and shows him what’s-what. Afterwards, she picks him up and shakes him forcibly. She probably would have no problem doing the same to a man twice her size. She definitely does not fear carrying around a large purse by herself at eleven o’clock at night when other women might. Though she has the upper hand, she does not pick on him or try to frighten him.…show more content…
Jones is also sympathetic. One would expect her to be cold and unforgiving to her would-be assailant, but instead, Mrs. Jones is understanding and explains to the boy, “I were young once and I wanted things I could not get” (667). She sees that the boy is dirty and frail, and takes him home with her. She tells him to wash his face and to comb his hair to look presentable. She even offers him food and not once does she ask him about his home life. She probably assumes that the boy comes from a troubled or neglectful home and does not want to embarrass him. Mrs. Jones, most likely, grew up in a similar situation and tells the boy, ““I have done things, too, which I would not tell you, son—neither tell God, if he didn’t already know” (667). Her similar background probably helps her identify with the young boy. This allows her to feel a sense of empathy for

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