How Did African Americans Influence The New World

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The Western Hemisphere was a new source of land for the Old World, and was relatively unmarred. Taking advantage of their technology and resources, the Europeans traveled in search of spices and rich goods. From the 1490s to the 1700s, the Europeans fully controlled the western hemisphere. Fueled by greed, spurred by God, and armed with steel, the Europeans set off on a mission of imperialism and expansion. Europeans used diseases to bring native peoples to their knees, and used religion as a tool for punishment and killing. The Spanish, English, and others managed to plow through the Native Americans and Africans to get to profit. Utilizing fear and religion as weapons, the Europeans completely subjugated the political, environmental, economic, and cultural aspects of the New World. The Europeans left no people or place unscathed in their ethnocentric selfishness. * The blunders of Columbus opened…show more content…
This greatly benefited most European countries, and influenced the modern bank, along with capitalism. French merchants benefited from the spread of items, and even the Asian nations benefited from international trade since they received silver. The Aztec leader Montezuma gave Hernan Cortes gold, but his thirst for gold was insatiable. Montezuma believed Cortes to be Quetzalcoatl, a Native god, and Cortes didn't object. Montezuma let him into his city, Tenochtitlan. Montezuma soon could not supply Spain's gold needs, which led to Cortes and his forces killing Montezuma and taking all his gold. a Spain greedily took the silver, and when rushed into its Old World economy, received a boost. Unfortunately for Spain, the rush of silver led its economy to a crash as inflation ran rampant. The English used mercantile policies for their colonies that led to Britain receiving most of the profit. The British held a lot of the world's money for a long time due to its use of its
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