How Alexander The Great Changed The World

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Alexander the Great changed the face of the world more drastically than alot of world leaders. Alexander was always able to put the odds in his favor by always being proactive and encouraging innovation to help give him the extra edge. Alexander also showed what it meant to be a leader by taking the fall and by always encouraging his army. Some lessons he gave personally were about being decisive and having a vision. After his father died, Alexander the Great used his resources and used his ingenious strategies to conquer the world and leave his legacy on the world for centuries to come. Alexander the Great was not just a leader but he was a ruler. Hadfield had said once “when he was faced with insurmountable obstacles, he restored to innovative problem-solving techniques to seek out enemies…show more content…
In this quote Hadfield is stating how Alexander used innovative strategies to complete problems that no one has ever done before such as defeating a navy with an army and untying Gordian Knot. This quote also shows how Alexander got so much land and how he got so much power but also stating that leadership cannot be gotten with just average strategies that everyone uses but one needs to innovate. According to Ruiz, “always attack. Even in defense attack. The attacking arm possesses the initiative and thus commands the action. To attack makes men brave: to defend makes them timorous,”. What Ruiz’s Alexander is saying here is that being proactive allows one to make changes, make the calls and not have to wait. This shows Alexander as a great leader because if he was not proactive then he would not have been able to use his ingenious strategies and he would have to wait for his opponent to make the first move. Alexander is most known for conquering the world. Alexander would never had been able to do this grand feat if it was not for one vision. It was once said “he admired
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