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Alexander the Great Before Christopher Columbus discovered America and we gained Barack Obama as the first black president, historiography discovered the classical age and much more. The classical age was the time period where the Greeks were advancing their politics and culture, but the Persian Empire kept trying to destroy them. The Greeks did not like to be ruled by non - Greeks, but when the Persians expanded they conquered some Greeks causing conflict between the two until Alexander the Great came about. He was one of the most feared military conquerors. Alexander the Great was the son of King Philip II. In his early life he had three great teachers Leonidas, Lysimachus, and Aristotle. By the age of sixteen Alexander quit his studies…show more content…
In the battle of Granicus Alexander army was outnumbered by over a hundred thousand, but that did not stop the fearless Alexander. He snuck the Persians’ Greek mercenaries and defeated them. This battle was one of Alexander’ most memorable because he was almost near death. After the battle of Granicus, the battle of Issus in which Alexander defeated King Darius III took place. In the battle of Issus Alexander defeated King Darius III of the Persian Empire. Alexander army met the Persian Empire in northern Syria, but after seeing his army King Darius III fled. Being the fearless leader that Alexander is he captured Darius mother, wife, and daughters. Darius offered to give Alexander all of the Persian Empire west of the Euphrates, but he did not settle. Alexander then took over part of the Persian Empire until the battle of Gaugamela. In the battle of Gaugamela Alexander defeated the full Persian army, but it did not start off great for Alexander. The Persian Calvary over threw Alexander’s Calvary, but the Persians made a huge mistake thinking the battle was over causing them the lost. Alexander then became the new king of the Persians empire. Alexander army had come far with their battles against the Persians and King Darius III. The Greeks could now concentrate on their politics and culture without worrying about a non- Greek conquering

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